SME & Commercial Banking

More and more banks are looking to build their SME and Commercial Business or to reposition their existing one. This is the segment which many banks have found to be challenging to build a sustainable and profitable business which can withstand fluctuating economic cycles.

We have helped banks across the emerging market geographies over the last decade to build lasting and profitable SME and Commercial franchises. Our end-to–end approach has been tested through some of the most trying economic cycles and delivered superior growth and returns.

Our team includes former executives who have:

  • Led and managed SME and Commercial business across the globe. They have experience across a variety of business situations, from ‘end-to-end risk management’ to new market entry, across markets at various stages of evolution
  • Expertise that spans the spectrum of customer segments as well as maximising the revenue potential of the ‘non-borrowing’ SME and Commercial customer base of banks
  • Expertise in adapting our approach to specific county situations – with experience in over 40 countries - thus bringing both the global expertise and local country knowledge together
  • A mix of broad business experience and functional skills to assist at all points of the value chain

BankT&D Consulting will work with you on a plan to build, enhance or re-position your SME and Commercial Business.  We do this by:

  • Conducting diagnostics and benchmarking for your current business model
  • Refining or designing some or all of the other building blocks of the business
  • Providing a detailed, implementable framework with defined timelines for evaluating and developing the business to build scale and sustainable profitability
  • Providing the hands-on support to implement and execute your business plans and strategies

Whether your needs are for a strategic business design and strategy execution, sales and relationship management, risk management, product development, process and controls, or specialist training, BankT&D Consulting has the expertise to help you.

SME & Commercial Banking Team